Cards + Devotionals

I believe that building a firm foundation on God's Word will help our children in the present and future, so I created coloring sheets with devotionals. These are written and developed for ages 10 and older, but younger kids enjoy them too!

And why stop coloring there?

Spread a little joy to others with coloring greeting cards! Color them and send them, or send them unfinished for someone else to color and enjoy!

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"Stop . Collaborate + Listen"

LOL I know you wanna start singing now. . . but in all seriousness please take a moment to read on.

Each purchase you make, not only supports my business, but also makes you a part of something SOOOO much bigger than any of us. Your purchase supports The Prevention Project, an education program created to teach teens and preteens about human trafficking. Together WE CAN make a difference.

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SO, THANK YOU FRIEND for your support, because without you. . . none of this is possible.