"fearfully + wonderfully

created on purpose for a purpose"



We are dedicated to bringing awareness and education in order

to prevent the trafficking and exploitation of young people by

equipping them with the knowledge of God’s love and purpose

for their life.


This page is an overview of human trafficking,

specifically domestic child sex trafficking. It is a space to lean in and learn

what this looks like in our backyards and to gain education and resources in

order to help protect our youth, and identify victims.

If you have any questions or if there is ever a moment when you think

*this could be me or someone you know* please contact the

National Human Trafficking Hotline

at 1 888 3737 888 or text "help" to 233733.

40.3 MILLION people are enslaved today

that's more people in slavery than any other time in history

what is human trafficking


Before we go much further, I need to make sure you have a basic understanding

of what human trafficking is, and specifically what it looks like in the United States.

If, when someone mentions human trafficking, you think of the movie Taken,

erase it from your mind and let's start over.


Click HT 101 for a crash course on the fastest

growing criminal industry in the world




If you think, just because you live in the US in a cute suburban neighborhood or a small rural farming community in the middle of nowhere, you're exempt from human trafficking,

let me be the first to say . . . you're wrong.

It's important we ackowledge that human trafficking exists, not only in other countries, but in the US as well. In all 50 states including Washington DC and Puerto Rico. This is not just a "hotspot" issue. It doesn't just happen during the Super Bowl, or in big cities only.

Human Trafficking happens in both urban, suburban and rural areas alike.

"I won't let my child outta my sight when at the store."

-mother of a 12 year old girl

This is the most common response I get from parents when asked about human trafficking.

Thanks to sensationalized media, most, unknowingly, think kidnapping is how the child is taken.

And while stranger danger is a concern, and parents and children should be aware,

according to NCMEC, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

fewer than 10% of trafficking cases are the result of kidnapping.

It's more likely that a child is actively being trafficked while still living at home,

going to school, attending church and or playing sports.


Because of age, preteens and adolescents are more susceptible to the calculated

advances, deception and manipulation tactics used by traffickers.

No youth is exempt from falling prey to these tactics.


Let's keep learning.

Click here to read more about DMST, Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking and Grooming.

created on purpose for a purpose . . .

if we are not grounded in the knowledge of God's love and purpose for our lives,

then we are susceptible to the lies the enemy feeds us.


Now that you are aware that human trafficking does in fact exist in your community,

and you now know what DMST is and how to identify if it's happening to you or

someone you know, the next step is to become equipped.


to be fully known

" I just want to be seen, appreciated and loved  "

-every child in the United States

Do you remember what it was like growing up?

I think for most of us at the core, we were trying to fit in and be accepted.


That's all I wanted.


Today's kiddos have not changed.

That's all they want too, and they're willing to do a lot

to be known, seen, accepted . . . and loved.


So here is where we get personal . . . and maybe a little uncomfortable.

This is when we as parents have to understand and ackowledge what is

actually taking place in our culture, the false narratives we are being fed,

why it's harmful to us and our children and ultimately what God says about it.

click the bubbles below to dive deeper

"casual sex

isn't a big deal

everyone does it"

"boys will

be boys"

"being and acting sexual is empowering"

"pornography is harmless"

"It's my fault,

I chose this"

" the culture did a lot of the grooming for me "

-child sex offender

Quote from Gail Dines's TedX talk "Growing up in a Pornified Culture"

Giving Back

One of the ways we can help, is by giving back to those organizations who are actively working to end human trafficking. Each time you purchase from my store, I donate a portion of the profit to The Prevention Project™ a nationally recognized curriculum created to educate preteens and teens about human trafficking, and

the Stop Human Trafficking Coalition of Central Missouri,

my local anti trafficking nonprofit organization,

Together we can make a difference.

Get involved locally

If you are local to Central Missouri and would like more info on how you can get educated and or involved with the Coalition, please email me at croehaven@gmail.com

or click the link provided below to learn more about the

Stop Human Trafficking Coalition of Missouri.

online Resources


There are many myths about Human Trafficking, educate yourself, learn the truth and spread awareness.



Learn more about how we can educate our children and prevent them from becoming potential victims.

Interenet Safety 101.png


Learn more about internet safety and how you can protect your child.



United States: National Human Trafficking Hotline

call: 1 (888) 373-7888

text: 233733 (Text "HELP" or "INFO")

hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week

 visit: humantraffickinghotline.org

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