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"Creating art is like diving into a world where there are no rules...just endless opportunities to let your imagination run wild. Whether it's through art or design, there's such an amazing feeling in bringing something entirely
new into existence. Plus, the thrill of seeing
your vision come to life....priceless!

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Richelle Douglas is a versatile artist whose creative journey seamlessly weaves between the realms of graphic design and fine art. Her innate talent and fascination with art led her to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree at the University of Missouri, with an emphasis on graphic design. This formal education provided her with a solid foundation and a deep appreciation for the visual arts.

As a freelance graphic designer, Richelle's work reflects her unwavering commitment to design principles and aesthetics. Her graphic design background not only informs but elevates her fine art paintings. Richelle's unique style is a harmonious blend of modern design sensibilities and traditional artistic techniques.

Her love for vintage and retro design aesthetics shines through in her recent body of work. She is particularly drawn to the elegance of linear art, the timeless allure of classic black and whites, and the subtle beauty of muted color tones. Her intricate and emotive watercolor, ink, and charcoal creations bring these subjects to life with a captivating blend of realism and artistic interpretation. Each stroke of her brush or pen reveals her profound connection with nature and the world's inherent beauty.


Beyond her artistic pursuits, Richelle is a devoted wife to Chris and mother to their two wonderful boys, Eli and Owen, while finding a delicate balance between being a stay-at-home mom and a dedicated small business owner. 


Being able to create art for the purpose of raising money for local charities is such a fulfilling experience. If I'm able, I'll jump at the chance to be a part of something that's much bigger than myself. 

Since 2019 I have been involved as an artist with Tigers on the Prowl and non profit organization that hosts an art auction once a year to raise money for local charities within the community. I can't quite put into words the emotions I've felt having been a part of such an amazing event.


"Thank you CROE Haven Designs! Richelle Douglas your piece is AMAZING! Thank you for your time and your generosity and supporting Tigers on the Prowl over the past four years."

~TOTP Board Member

Michele Towns

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Above Left to Right: Tigers on the Prowl Art in Action  Charity Auction 2023  & "How I Can Help" Book Design 2020

Left to Right: SHTCCM "Hope Road" Showing, | Education and Awareness Event 2021

and  Hotline Awareness Bracelets

But TOTP isn't the only nonprofit I've been involved with. From 2020 to 2023 I volunteered with the Stop Human Trafficking Coalition of Central Missouri. I served on the board for a year and was a Committee Chair for both Education & Training and Fundraising Committees. During my time with the Coalition I was able to create graphics for informational material, new slides for Education & Training presentations, flyers and social media posts. I also created t-shirts and bracelets to help raise awareness and donated a percentage of the profits from the sales to the Coalition. 


Wow, your talent and generosity is awe inspiring and SO appreciated! I know how busy you are and the timing wasn't great, but you ROCKED it and saved so many fur babies! Thank you!"

~Jess Capell

Armani's Angels

Left to Right: Armani's Angels Pour for a Paw Charity Event  2024

TOTP Artwork for a Cause Event 2020

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